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Wedding photos on a USB?

Updated: Feb 16

There are a hundred reasons why you may not have got around to it already, but now is the time! You have probably spent a small fortune on your wedding photographer, so why not immortalise your photos in a beautiful heirloom album from Atelier Albums?

Most non-pro photographers are unaware that the quality of JPEG files can degrade over time. This occurs in many programs when you use the “save as” feature because the software automatically compresses the file. Also, JPEG images are slightly degraded every time you open, edit and save them again. Thus, the clearest image you’re likely to have is the one first rendered and saved on your camera, phone, cloud, etc. Printing as soon as possible means printing the highest-quality version of your photographs.

Are your photos on a USB stick or in the Cloud? They wont live there forever! 

Regardless of how hard the guys at Google, iCloud, Dropbox, etc., work to create a failsafe system, the reality is that no system is ever 100% failsafe. While we love the idea of security and permanent preservation that digital files seem to offer, the reality is any platform can crash, or go out of business, or hike their prices beyond what you can afford. It would be devastating to have your photo files disappear from a cloud or photo hosting site before you’ve printed them – and there’s no way to reclaim them once they’re lost.

Photo albums are kept, looked at, talked about and serve as a bonding tool for years, decades and by multiple generations. They are the things we look at when mourning a beloved family member or friend who’s passed away, they’re the memories we review for anniversaries and birthdays, and photo collections are the means of introducing our children to past generations or individuals they never had the honour to meet.

When you don’t print those photographs out, document them and save them in physical form, there is no way others can appreciate them or reclaim their own memories in the future.

If you don’t print your photos you’re not really looking at them, and that’s a waste of great photos. I’m 100% certain that your Atelier Album sitting on a end table, or taking pride of place in a display cabinet or centre stage on your coffee table will be looked at and admired by you, your family and house guests over and over again!

An Atelier Album will bring your most precious moments back to life, so you can enjoy them for generations to come. Get in touch to find out more.




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